The "Bearing" is a bronze sculpture depicting a woman carrying a man holding a military-style rifle and sitting in a basket on her head.  Thought provoking, the sculpture celebrates the strength of the human spirit as it carries the burdens of the physical and emotional aftermath of war.

Internationally known artist Ildikó Kalapács created the small bronze version of the sculpture in 2008 with grant funding from the Puffin Foundation, Inc.  In 2011, the Bearing Sculpture Project was founded in order to seek funding for the construction and the physical placement of the life-size sculpture.  The Bearing Sculpture Project will be free to the public and made available to the community and the visitors of Spokane, Washington.

We found a location in Spokane, Washington, and received the approval of the Spokane Park Board in May 2016.  Fundraising for the casting and physical placement of the sculpture now begins in earnest. Please donate on line or by mail.

Park Board Approval - Press Release | Mock-up Gallery

The public sculpture titled "Bearing" will be cast life-size in bronze.